Designer wedding sherwani’s stores for men in Delhi

When it comes to a wedding or any other family function, sherwani’s are all-time favourite attire for men. Sherwani is most popular choice for wedding wear as it gives special look to the groom. It is capable of taking your traditional look to whole new level.

From simple classic sherwani to Indo Western and designer sherwani, it is a fashionable attire that can add style to your looks. Designer sherwani are such a popular that it is widely available at major wedding wear stores in Delhi.

Some of these stores are in Connaught Place, Greater Kailash, South extension, Chandni Chowk, Khan Market, Mehrauli, DLF emporium, Kamla Nagar and Pitampura.

Bharat Reshma is renowned and reliable place for buying best designer sherwanis for groom. There stores are located at two places in Delhi i.e., Kamla Nagar and Pitampura.

H-2 Bharat Reshma – Kamla Nagar
148-D, Kamla Nagar, Opp Geeta Mandir, Delhi – 110007. India

Phone Number
+91 – 011 – 47065862, 9310627739
Toll Free : +91 8595 321 321

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H-2 Bharat Reshma – Kapil Vihar
153, Opp Metro Pillar No-354, Kapil Vihar, New Delhi – 110034. India

Phone Number
+91 – 011-40391352, 9811035034
Toll Free : +91 8595 321 321

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Bharat Reshma have been in business for ethnic Men’s wear since 2006. From traditional sherwani to designer embellished one they have exclusive range of Sherwanis.

Bharat Reshma latest designer sherwani collection includes-

  • Peshawari
  • Achkan
  • Jodhpuri
  • Anarkali
  • Chipkan
  • Angrakha
  • Printed modern Sherwani

These designer sherwanis are available with chudidar and matching kurta with embroidery work as chicken, zardozi, zari, phulkari, nakshi, kasida work, jaal work, resham work.

At Bharat Reshma they use only premium quality fabric such as raw silk, brocade, art silk, jacquard, chanderi silk, dabka silk, linen silk and velvet silk.

You can easily complement a designer sherwani from Bharat Reshma with a contrasting colour or floral pattern turban to create a style statement. Not only designer sherwani, at Bharat Reshma, you can also pick designer shoes and matching accessories also.

This is one stop shop for a head-to-toe look. You can sort your entire look at one place. Also, you can shop online on their website


6 Stunning Accessories That Are A Must Have For Any Groom

You might have chosen the perfect wedding attire and is finally ready with your perfect groom look. However, you can enhance your look even more with the some stunning accessories that are a must have for any groom.


Turbans are long colourful fabric used as a head dress for men whereas Safas are a shorter and broader colourful piece of fabric with more embellishment and small fan like pellets stitched on the top of it. Check our collection of readymade Turbans and Safas with an array of colours and designs. To check the price range for turbans and Safas click here.


It is a narrow long piece of cloth with tassels. These can be paired with sherwanis, kurtas and Jodhpuri suits. Available in fabrics like Silk, khadi Dupion, we have a huge collection of stoles in various attractive colours like cream, red, ivory, pink, off white, maroon, black with borders in silver, gold and other shades.


Kalangi is an accessory that is worn on the Turban. It is primarily made up of metal and embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones, beads and feathers. Bharat Reshma offer a wide design of kalangi with a wide price range to suit to your taste. You can check for our latest collection of Kalangi available on our stores as well as online.


It is a clean nicely folded piece of fabric in Satin Silk or cotton fabric kept in the jacket or Bandgala breast pocket for wedding or any such occasions. It provides the formal wear, a dignified look. Explore Bharat Reshma collection of pocket square with wide range of colours and designs to match your outfit. The price range of pocket square highly variable and change from one piece to another. To check our prices online or visit our website.


It is a pin-like accessory generally made up of precious and semi-precious gems meant to be placed on the lapel of your coat or sherwani. It looks best when worn with sherwanis, plain Nehru jackets, Bandgala or Jodhpuri suits. You can find variety of elaborately decorated brooches in geometric and floral designs from our latest collections. For the price of brooch, check it for the one selected by you.


It is another pin like accessory that is meant to be placed on cuffs of shirts, blazers or jackets. Generally, it is made up of metal and crystal. It can be worn with suits, sherwanis, Bandgala and blazers. Browse through our latest collection of cufflinks in various shapes and pattern at best price offered by Bharat Reshma.


Points to consider before buying Tuxedo suits

When it comes to deciding between suits versus a tuxedo as a groom or as a wedding guest, it is important to know the difference between these two and also when it is appropriate to wear each ensemble. Points to consider before buying designer tuxedo or suit is covered in this article.


  • Both tuxedo and suits are made up of a combination of a jacket and dress pants of same colour and fabric but tuxedos are considered more formal garments than suits.
  • Tuxedos are reserved for evening dress for formal occasions and supposed to be worn only in the evening wear whereas suits can be worn at any time of the day.
  • There are three suit lapel types –
    • Notch lapel is considered casual
    • Peak lapel is considered semi formal
    • Shawl level is considered completely formal

Suit lapel is made from the same fabric as the jacket either in a notch and peaked style. Tuxedo features peak lapel or a shawl lapel made up of either satin or silk.

  • Unlike suit pants, tuxedos-pants features a satin silk strip down the side of the leg that matches jacket lapels.
  • Tuxedos and suits both can be single breasted or double breasted. A double-breasted tuxedos or suits is considered more formal as compared to single breasted tuxedo or suit.
  • A three-button single breasted tuxedo or suit is most suitable for taller person. It further enhances the overall appearance of the wearer.
  • A single breasted two button tuxedo or suit is best for short statured person. It can deliver a slender look to the wearer.
  • Double breasted tuxedo or suit includes additional button on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purpose, ideal for a bulky or muscular person. It can be delivering a well-proportioned trim look to the wearer.
  • Suits can be worn with a variety of button-up shirt in a solid colour or pattern. Tuxedos are worn only with the solid white button up shirt.
  • Suit shirt can be worn with the ties, bowties in numerous colours. Tuxedos are to be worn with bowties in black and white colours only.
  • Tuxedo have satin covered buttons only whereas suits usually have plastic, bone or same fabric-coloured buttons.
  • Slim-fit tuxedos or suits along with slim pants are perfect for those with slimmer physique. It gives tidy look up to the torso section of your body, so an absolute choice for casual events.
  • Classic fit tuxedos or suits along with regular fit pants are suitable for those who have larger built than average. It is the most appropriate for formal occasions.
  • Modern fit tuxedos or suits along with flat front pants are midway option between slim fit and classic fit tuxedos or suits. This style is perfect for any occasion formal or casual event.
  • Suits can be made from fabric in any colour texture of pattern. Plain fabric suits are considered more formal as compared to printed fabric suits. Classic tuxedos are prepared with black or midnight blue fabric only. But in modern times various other colours such as blue, grey and beige are also in trend.
  • Suits are worn with leather dress shoes or boots for formal occasions; and with metallic or designer shoes for casual occasions. Tuxedos are meant to be worn with tuxedo shoes (pattern leather) only.

Once you make your decision between tuxedo or suits, you will be required to find one that fits your body.

Buy the latest design suits or tuxedos from Bharat Reshma or head to our online store

In case for any confusion or doubt contact our team of designers for getting an insight into the texture, quality of fabric, pattern of each ensemble. You can trust us to exceed your expectations.

At Bharat Reshma our team of designers devotes time to understand personal styles, blends in industry expertise as well as current trends and bring out some marvellous and exquisitely crafted creations.

You can select from these readymade, ready to wear suits and tuxedo suits. Moreover, you can choose to customise according to your body type, preference and latest trends.

Fabric used – cotton-silk, linen-silk, poly viscose, corduroy, Polly wool, leather, brocade, velvet, rayon.

Patterns Available – slim-fit, classic fit, modern fit, satin lapelled, velvet lapelled, fur lapelled, sequins lapelled, printed fabric modern fit, formal black, formal grey.

Sizes Available – XS, S, M, L, XL

Colours Available – Black, midnight blue, navy blue, grey, off white, plum wine, ivory, olive, Indigo, teal green, pale green.


7 Nehru Jacket Styles for Men’s to wear in Wedding

The following section provides you a glimpse of the specially designed Nehru jackets styles for men to wear in weddings exclusively for all those having an elite taste.

Silk Nehru Jacket

Source: Pinterest

Silk Nehru Jackets can be used for attending wedding ceremonies, reception, cocktail parties and other such similar occasions. These can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, kurta pajamas, trousers, tweed pants, chinos or jeans; and can be accessorized with a pocket square in contrasting shade.

Our collection of silk Nehru jacket are made up of the dupion silk and raw silk fabric in various colours such as mustard yellow, plum, royal blue, brown black and several regular colour with prints, vertical strips and check-patterns.

Jute Nehru Jacket

Source: Pinterest

Ideallydesigned to bring grace and comfort to the wearer, Jute Nehru jacket will always remain opt choice among young generation. Made up of light weight jute fabric these Nehru jackets are best for all seasons. A perfect pick for all occasions. It can be paired with kurta pajamas, Jodhpuri pants, tweed pants, trousers or jeans.

At Bharat Reshma, you can choose from a wide range of jute Nehru jacket available in off white, navy blue, olive, beige, mint green, pastel shades of pink and orange with vertical strips and check patterns.

Polyester Nehru Jacket

Source: Pinterest

This particular stylish Nehru jacket for men is very cool and light to carry. Mostly preferred by the youngsters and corporate executives, it can be paired with tweed pants, jodhpuri pants, kurta pajamas, trousers or jeans. It can also be worn at various functions be it ceremonial occasions like weddings or festivals or formal occasions such as corporate meeting and family get together party. These are best for summer months but not good choice for hot and humid temperature. Fabric used are polyester and blended polyester. Colours available are olive, dazzling beige, pastel shade of pink, brown, and gold with vertical stripes and check patterns.

Khadi Nehru Jackets

Source: Pinterest

Khadi Nehru jacket have taken fashion world by storm. It made up of khadi cotton fabric these Nehru jacket give extreme comfort to the wearer. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is often seen donning a sleeveless Khadi Nehru jacket over a kurta at various events in Indian and abroad.

These can be worn throughout the year and perfect pic for all occasions. These can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, trousers, kurta pyjama or jeans;  and can be accessorised with pocket square and contrasting colours. Fabric used – Khadi.

Linen Nehru Jacket

Source: Pinterest

The versatility of Linen Nehru jacket is unquestionable as you can wear them anywhere and everywhere without much thought. An ideal choice for both formal and casual events. It is a perfect choice for hot and humid monsoon months. Linen Nehru jackets are always in vague. These can be paired with kurta pyjama, trouser, tweeted pant, Jodhpuri pants, chinos and jeans.

This lightweight and comfortable Linen Nehru jackets from Bharat Reshma are sure to set you apart from the crowd and create an effortless sense of cool.

Select your favourite from our wide collection of linen Nehru jacket in variety of shades like Indigo, plum, pastel shade of blue, mustard yellow, mint green, cream, rust, wine, off white and several regular colours with a variety of patterns.

Woolen Nehru Jacket

Source: Pinterest

For those days when you need to keep yourself warm and also flaunt out stylish look, woollen Nehru jacket are an excellent option. It is made from medium weight, thick, ultra-breathable, soft woollen fabric these provide an extra layer of warm during winter.

Woollen Nehru jacket can be paired with kurta pajamas, trousers, Jodhpuri pants, tweed pants or jeans. Go through the wide collections of woollen Nehru jackets of Bharat Reshma and select that one which either blends with your outfit or in contrasting shade of your outfit.

Velvet Nehru Jacket

Source: Pinterest

Glittering velvet fabric sheen imparts richness to velvet Nehru jacket and is very well suits the casual wear occasions. Youngster opt for velvet Nehru jackets to transform their plane attire into opulent one in a traditional way.

Occasions for wearing velvet Nehru jacket are weddings, reception, Mehandi, Puja or Sangeet etc. Choose your pick from Bharat Reshma’s spectacular range of Velvet Nehru jackets available in various charming colours and shades like purple, Olive, black, peach, pink, Ivory, teal green etc along with all the regular shades.

Bharat Reshma offers a wide range of Nehru jackets styles for men to wear in weddings designed by our specialist designers. In case you find yourself in some difficult situation and confusion with the numerous choice offered by us, feel free to contact at our WhatsApp number or can directly visit our store.


Points to consider before buying Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jackets are indispensable parts of Men’s fashion and Indian-ethnic wear. Nehru jacket are mandarin collared vest jackets that can make you appeal formal, elegant and stylish. In this article we will cover the points to consider before buying a Nehru Jacket.

The elegant and simple construction of the Nehru jacket can transform any simple outfit into opulent one and provide you a classic and contemporary look.

Nehru jackets have been all time favourite of politicians, Bollywood celebrities, bikers, college students, professionals for everyday wear. These are a perfect fit for almost all occasions, formal, semi formal or casual. It can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, kurta pajamas, trousers, tweed-pants, chinos or jeans.

Style Tips For Wearing Nehru Jackets

Nehru jackets with flapless pockets can even down your appearance. These exude a narrower and tighter appearance by concealing bear belly which is very much common in middle-aged men.

Plain Nehru jacket give more formal look as compared to printed Nehru jackets.

Trending Styles of Nehru Jacket Across the Globe

The following are various styles of Nehru jacket which are most popular among fashion conscious men.

Slim Fit Style – This type of Nehru jacket for men gives you a stylish form-fitting style that is narrow at the chest and waist. It is most suitable for ceremonial occasions such as weddings, festivals, receptions and get together parties.

Full Sleeves Style Full sleeves Nehru jacket is most suitable for well-built athletic person. The length of the sleeves is till the end of your fingers. It is a perfect choice for the occasions – formal and casual.

Sleeveless Style – This one is the most popular version of Nehru jacket without sleeves. It delivers a tight and sophisticated look to the wearer. It is suitable for all the occasions – formal and casual. At Bharat Reshma you find sleeveless Nehru jacket in many popular and attractive colours.

Double Breasted Style – This type of Nehru jacket includes additional buttons on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purpose. As a result of extra buttons, the attention of viewer drifts from the seam towards the sites to create the illusion of a wider frame. This type of Nehru jacket too is suitable for all the occasions.

At the Bharat Reshma you can find the top collection of plain and printed Nehru jacket in massive range of patterns, fabrics and shades.


7 Stylish Kurta Pyjamas for Men’s to Wear

Kurta Pajama set is not just comfortable but also stylish, trendy and easy to wear attire for men. It is one of those versatile dresses that is suitable for festivals as well as for cultural events. In this article we are going to know 7 Stylish Kurta Pyjamas for Men’s to Wear.

You can pair Kurta with various types of bottom wear such as Jodhpuri Pants, Dhoti Pants, Harem Pants, Aligarh-Pajamas, Straight-cut-Pajamas, Patiala-type-Pajamas aur denims.

All you need to select the colour and fabric of the bottom wear carefully by taking into consideration the pattern of the Kurta.

7 Stylish Kurta Pyjamas for Men’s to Wear

Patterns Of the Kurta

There are mainly three patterns of Kurta:

Short Kurta – In this pattern, the length of the kurta is till you are waist, most suitable for festive and casual occasion.

Long Kurta – In this pattern of kurta, the length of kurta is till your thighs. It is perfect for religious events, wedding or family get together.

Without Collar Pattern – This pattern is an Indo western design of waist length kurta, a without collar design. It is most popular, considered as trendy among the young generation.

Explore Bharat Reshma superb and awesome collection of flamboyant kurtas in various fabric, patterns and shades possible right from bright, vibrant colour to pastels.

In this section you will find the various special type of kurtas which are prepared at Bharat Reshma and categorised a high sale volume items:


Source: Pinterest

Silk Kurta is the most suitable for semi formal Indian occasion as Mehndi, Puja, Sangeet and similar celebrations; where as a raw Silk Kurta in dark shades is perfect for weddings and other cultural events.

If you want to add uniqueness to your simple and plain kurta

; accessorize it with fancy buttons or shawl in same colour can further enhance the look.

At Bharat Reshma, we have Kurtas in various pattern made up of plain silk and raw silk fabric with several attractive colours like blue, teal green, deep yellow, royal blue, and many more.


Source: Pinterest

Khadi Kurta is a traditional type straight cut pure Khadi plain kurta, without any embroidery for print. These are available in two variants; full sleeves and half sleeves also known as Modi Kurta. This purely casual wear Kurta is available in white, off white, light orange and several regular colours at Bharat Reshma. You can pair it with straight cut pyjamas or dhoti pant for a simple yet stylish look.


Source: Pinterest

These kurtas are stylish, elegant and most suitable for casual wear occasion and events such as puja or mehndi ceremony.

At Bharat Reshma, these Kurtas are available with floral prints and geometric prints in array of shades such as lemon-yellow, midnight blue, rust, mint green, peach, maroon and gold.

For a simple yet trendy look, pair it with beige or any light-coloured churidar, patiala-type pajamas or straight-cut pajamas.


Source: Pinterest

This set of outfit is mostly chosen to be worn as festival or wedding attire. It is mostly preferred by youngsters as it has a jacket in contrasting colour over-the-top.

At Bharat Reshma; you can choose from various trendy shades as grey kurta with black embroidered jacket or teal green kurta with light green embroidered jacket and many more.

For obtaining a brilliant look it can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, churidars, Aligarh pyjamas, Patiala style pyjamas, dhoti pants or straight cut pyjamas.

You can further smarten your look with a pocket square in contrasting colour.


Source: Pinterest

A perfect for marriage, reception and similar ceremonies, it is Silk fabric Kurta with Jaal work and mirror work on collar and neckline.

You can highlight the entire outfit by accessorizing it with fancy show buttons.

For an elegant and stylish to pair it with Patiala style pajamas, jodhpuri pants, harem pants, churidar or dhoti pants. Pick your favourite from Bharat Reshma splendid collection in several vibrant colour such as olive green, gold, cream, mustard yellow and many more/


Source: Pinterest

It is one of the most stylish and popular Kurta that can be worn on all former occasions as well as casual occasion. This Kurta with front button and stand-up collar can give you sophisticated yet masculine look. It can be teamed with churidar, Patiala style Pajama, Aligarh Pajama or Jodhpuri pants. Do not restrict yourself to just Pajamas, experiment your kurta with jeans for a trendy and stylish look.

Check Bharat Reshma collection for Pakistani Kurta in several fantastic side suggest navy blue, black, white and off white, brown etc.


Source: Pinterest

It is a lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabric. Linen kurta absorbs perspiration quickly so perfect for humid weather. Linen crumples easily and shrink after wash but provide extreme comfort to the wearer. So linen kurta never go out of style. This outfit is perfect for daily wear and also it is worth wearing for simple casual events.

At Bharat Reshma, Linen Kurtas are available in several shades of white, Brown, and many regular colours. These can be paired with straight cut Pajama, churidar and Dhoti Pants.

Select from our wide collection of well-tailored as well fitted Kurta sets purposely designed to make you look extremely presentable. Moreover, you won’t need too many accessories to highlight outfit. so, impress everyone around you with your fashion sense and style.


Guide to Buy Bandgala Suit for Men’s

A Bandgala suit or Jodhpuri suit is among the most stylish and popular ethnic clothing. A crucial part of Indian ethnic wear, Bandgala suit is a perfect example of Indo western wear for men.

Jodhpuri Bandgala suits have been all time favourite of Industrialist, bureaucrats, politicians, Bollywood celebrities, Indian ambassadors and diplomats for wearing during festive and formal events.

This suit comprises of trouser and a coat style jacket with mandarin collar and long sleeves. Both pieces of bandgala suits can be worn separately also.

Bandgala suit can be worn at varies functions be it ceremonial occasion like weddings and festivals or formal occasions such as reception or family get together. It can be accessorised with a vintage brooch or a classic pocket square or turban with a kilangi.

Bandgala suits have become usually popular in recent times. Not only grooms but even the man who attend various functions of the occasion prefer to wear various type of Bandgala suits.  Instead of plain Bandgala suits young men opt for Bandgala with asymmetric and cowl hemlines with sequinned collar or with embroideries motif and mirror work etc.

For a distinguished and sophisticated look, Bandgala suits are paired with polished leather shoes for formal occasion and with a pair of hand embroidered mojaris, textured or tan footwear for casual event.

Keeping in mind the current trend, we at Bharat Reshma present exclusively designed, beautifully crafted and preciously fitted Jodhpuri Bandgala suit collection. Unlike mass-produced suits, we work on each piece from cutting fabric by hand tailoring to hand embroidery work.

Select your favourite Jodhpuri Bandgala suit available in massive range of durable fabrics, flawless patterns also with exquisite hand embroidery and that to at an unbeatable price.

Fabric used – Poly wool, linen silk, cotton silk, matka silk, poly viscose, velvet, corduroy jacquard.

Patterns available – Plane short, modern fit asymmetrical, sequinned, side buttoned with black thread embroidery, with floral motifs, with floral prints, with geometric print, with zardosi work and mirror work.

Colours available – Black, olive, ivory, peach, off white, grey, wine, pastel shades of blue, orange and brown.

At Bharat Reshma we believe in customer satisfaction and making as a one-stop destination for not only Jodhpuri Bandgala suit but for head-to-toe look.

Browse through a diverse Jodhpuri Bandgala suits collection at Bharat Reshma. Do not miss on the accessories, add matching footwear, brooch, pocket square, turban and kilangi in your cart.

Make your pick and get your products delivered to your door step without any hassle. Select your own choice now.


A Complete Guide to Suit a Blazer

There are occasions that require us to dress up in particular manner. Suppose you are planning to be at a typical catholic ceremony, a tuxedo suit or a blazer coat should be the suitable choice. It is timeless and stylish option for the days where you want to feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. The best part of the blazer is that these are extremely versatile. These can be worn at high-end corporate events and are also suitable for smaller events like engagement, mehndi, puja, sangeet or roka ceremonies. Let us know how to suit a blazer.

Blazers are a must part of the wardrobe of stylish men and are a perfect pick for almost any occasion formal or casual. These are worn with similar coloured trousers for formal and casual events, you can opt to wear a blazer with denims and sneakers.

For a formal look, wear a contrast colour shirt inside the blazer and opt for wearing a formal shoes only.

The blazers are both single breasted and double breasted, may be both sleeveless as with sleeves. These are available in different collars such as casual notch lapels, semi formal peak lapel and formal shawl lapel.

Blazers for different personalities suitable

  • If you are a short-structured person; Always selected a two-button blazer for yourself and avoid three button blazers for obtaining taller look.
  • If you are on taller side; A three button single breasted blazer can provide you a charming and refined look.
  • If you are bulky; a single or two button, double breasted blazer is best option for obtaining a balanced look.

At Bharat-Reshma there are a lot of choices available. You can select from large range of stylish blazers in various patterns and cuffs to suit all body types.

Fabrics used – Cotton, silk, leather, denim, velvet, linen silk.

Pattern available – Satin-lapelled, Sequins-lapelled, leather blazer, Jodhpuri blazer, slim fit blazer, formal black blazer, denim blazer, printed blazer, embroidery blazer.

Colours available – Olive, midnight blue, Ivory, grey, black, navy blue, pale green.

You can take your overall look a step ahead by carefully accessorizing it with cufflink and pocket square.

“By putting effort in the fine details, you can be the best dressed person in the crowd”.

If you find it quite confusing to pick the right feet and design as per your body type and preferences, you can always contact our online stylists.

We assure you that with our team of stylists you can never miss out on right styling tips. We offer a wide range of discount and offers on all our products. Do not forget to check for special and festival season discount details on the item selected by you.


8 Best Wedding Sherwani Outfits Every Groom Must Know

Sherwani provides a special look on the person but when it comes to selecting the perfect sherwani for wedding or any cultural event there is so much to consider. You must know the right method of styling to flaunt out your best style statement and create a lingering impression. In the coming section you can get a glimpse of various types of specialised sherwani designed and customised by Bharat Reshma. Please spare few minutes to know best wedding sherwani outfits that every groom must wear. So check the following details before selecting a sherwani for yourself.

1. Peshawari or Pakistani Sherwani

Peshawari Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

It is an ideal outfit for not only wedding but also for other cultural events. Peshwari sherwani look best when paired with churidars. This ethnic and elegant outfit shows a sense of style and class. At Bharat Reshma collections of Peshawari sherwani are available in many different shades and fabrics. You can pair it up with designer churidar for royal jutties for a style that will surely make heads turn. If you want to buy designer Peshawari sherwani online click here. The other items to be prepared with sherwani for extra.

2. Achkan Sherwani

Achkan Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

Achkan sherwani is little shorter in length and less spreading from waist till the bottom so it becomes an ideal choice for short statured men. Our gold and black colour thread hand embroidered achkan sherwani are perfect outfit option for your special day. For a perfect wedding outfits and sophisticated look all you need to pair it with churidar or dhoti and accessorize it with the royal pair of hand embroidered mojaris.

3. Jodhpuri Sherwani

Jodhpuri Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

Jodhpuri sherwani most sought-after choice for those who wish to add a touch of royality to their overall look. It can flatter any body type and provide a royal look to the wearer but one needs to be extremely particular about getting the right cut and fit. For a stylish look you can select Jodhpuri sherwani with satin fabric button and further highlight the look by beautifying it with stole cuff links, brooch and turban with kilangi. Visit Bharat Reshma collection the range of Jodhpuri sherwani.

4. Indo Western Sherwani

Indo Western Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

Indo Western sherwani have become very popular in recent times with more young men opting for it. It is a perfect blend of ethnicity and modernization. You can explore our latest collection of Indo Western sherwani with zardozi, chicken, zari and kashida work. Indo Western sherwani look best when paired with contrasting coloured bottom wear. The price of Indo Western sherwani collection begin with Rs. 70,000 per piece. Also do not forget to avail festival season discount of  15% on MRP on selected item only. Check the detail of discount with click here

5. Anarkali Sherwani

Anarkali Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

Anarkali sherwani more flared from the waist till the bottom. So if you are on taller side and able to carry of the flare and length of the outfit, it can make you look ethnically fashionable. Make a style statement in a classic Anarkali sherwani detailed with tiny/fine zardozi and Kashmiri embroidery work for your big day. Anarkali sherwani can be paired with churidar Pyjama and matching jutties.

6. Chipkan Sherwani

Chipkan Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

When it comes to ethnic clothing, none of the styles appear as classy and appealing as chipkan sherwani does. When paired with Jodhpuri pants, churidars or dhoti pyjama in contrasting shade with a minimum accessory, it can be an ultimate pick for grooms.

7. Angrakha Sherwani

Angrakha Sherwani - Bharat & Reshma Blog
Source: Pinterest

A most popular sherwani which is fitted at the upper body, it is a prime choice for the youth with well-maintained gym body. Check our collection of Angrakha Sherwani in several attractive shade with chicken, zardozi and zari work on cuffs and neckline perfect for any wedding or festival look.

8. Printed modern sherwani

This outfit is an ultimate mix of heritage and modernity. Available in Jacquard silk, velvet, jamwar, brocade, banarasi silk fabric, metal button detailing with intricate black and gold thread embroideries, it is undoubtedly one royal choice for the fashion savy grooms. You can bring out bold in you by accessorizing it with cufflinks, pocket square, chains etc and let your outfit speak for your personality.

Comfort is the most important aspect to consider while picking up an outfit. It is important to wear an outfit that is not only comfortable but it should complement the shape of your body and highlight your sharp features. Not only the right size but texture and colour of fabric should also be taken into consideration.

If you are confused with the choices available or facing a problem in selecting a suitable sherwani you also have an option of booking an appointment with our team of designer who work on these sherwani and held years of experience in this field. We at Bharat Reshma have best wedding sherwani outfits collection.

You can select from our readymade outfit available or you can also get it customised according to your choice and latest trend at no any other additional cost. Our stylish can help you with the selection of right outfit and accessories.

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Latest Designer Wedding Sherwani for Groom – Bharat Reshma

Sherwani are most sought after ethnic wear outfit in Indian ceremonies. When it comes to selecting sherwani for any occasion like wedding, festival or family get together party the most trusted and admired brand is Bharat & Reshma. From various types of sherwani’s available, you get everything crafted as per your choice and ethnic preference.

It can either be tailor made by our team of designer or you can shop online from our website. We present the best sherwani collection to make your overall look stand out. Our collections include Peshawari, Achkan, Jodhpuri, Indo-Western, Anarkali, Angrakha, printed modern Sherwani. These designer sherwanies are available with designer churidar and designer matching kurtas with exclusive embroidery work as chicken zardozi, Zari, Phulkari, kantha, Kasida-work, Jaal work, Kashmiri embroidery work etc.

Check our collection of sherwanis for grooms and striking wedding attires for men who appreciate a touch of glamour for their celebrations.