7 Nehru Jacket Styles for Men’s to wear in Wedding

The following section provides you a glimpse of the specially designed Nehru jackets styles for men to wear in weddings exclusively for all those having an elite taste.

Silk Nehru Jacket

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Silk Nehru Jackets can be used for attending wedding ceremonies, reception, cocktail parties and other such similar occasions. These can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, kurta pajamas, trousers, tweed pants, chinos or jeans; and can be accessorized with a pocket square in contrasting shade.

Our collection of silk Nehru jacket are made up of the dupion silk and raw silk fabric in various colours such as mustard yellow, plum, royal blue, brown black and several regular colour with prints, vertical strips and check-patterns.

Jute Nehru Jacket

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Ideallydesigned to bring grace and comfort to the wearer, Jute Nehru jacket will always remain opt choice among young generation. Made up of light weight jute fabric these Nehru jackets are best for all seasons. A perfect pick for all occasions. It can be paired with kurta pajamas, Jodhpuri pants, tweed pants, trousers or jeans.

At Bharat Reshma, you can choose from a wide range of jute Nehru jacket available in off white, navy blue, olive, beige, mint green, pastel shades of pink and orange with vertical strips and check patterns.

Polyester Nehru Jacket

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This particular stylish Nehru jacket for men is very cool and light to carry. Mostly preferred by the youngsters and corporate executives, it can be paired with tweed pants, jodhpuri pants, kurta pajamas, trousers or jeans. It can also be worn at various functions be it ceremonial occasions like weddings or festivals or formal occasions such as corporate meeting and family get together party. These are best for summer months but not good choice for hot and humid temperature. Fabric used are polyester and blended polyester. Colours available are olive, dazzling beige, pastel shade of pink, brown, and gold with vertical stripes and check patterns.

Khadi Nehru Jackets

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Khadi Nehru jacket have taken fashion world by storm. It made up of khadi cotton fabric these Nehru jacket give extreme comfort to the wearer. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is often seen donning a sleeveless Khadi Nehru jacket over a kurta at various events in Indian and abroad.

These can be worn throughout the year and perfect pic for all occasions. These can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, trousers, kurta pyjama or jeans;  and can be accessorised with pocket square and contrasting colours. Fabric used – Khadi.

Linen Nehru Jacket

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The versatility of Linen Nehru jacket is unquestionable as you can wear them anywhere and everywhere without much thought. An ideal choice for both formal and casual events. It is a perfect choice for hot and humid monsoon months. Linen Nehru jackets are always in vague. These can be paired with kurta pyjama, trouser, tweeted pant, Jodhpuri pants, chinos and jeans.

This lightweight and comfortable Linen Nehru jackets from Bharat Reshma are sure to set you apart from the crowd and create an effortless sense of cool.

Select your favourite from our wide collection of linen Nehru jacket in variety of shades like Indigo, plum, pastel shade of blue, mustard yellow, mint green, cream, rust, wine, off white and several regular colours with a variety of patterns.

Woolen Nehru Jacket

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For those days when you need to keep yourself warm and also flaunt out stylish look, woollen Nehru jacket are an excellent option. It is made from medium weight, thick, ultra-breathable, soft woollen fabric these provide an extra layer of warm during winter.

Woollen Nehru jacket can be paired with kurta pajamas, trousers, Jodhpuri pants, tweed pants or jeans. Go through the wide collections of woollen Nehru jackets of Bharat Reshma and select that one which either blends with your outfit or in contrasting shade of your outfit.

Velvet Nehru Jacket

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Glittering velvet fabric sheen imparts richness to velvet Nehru jacket and is very well suits the casual wear occasions. Youngster opt for velvet Nehru jackets to transform their plane attire into opulent one in a traditional way.

Occasions for wearing velvet Nehru jacket are weddings, reception, Mehandi, Puja or Sangeet etc. Choose your pick from Bharat Reshma’s spectacular range of Velvet Nehru jackets available in various charming colours and shades like purple, Olive, black, peach, pink, Ivory, teal green etc along with all the regular shades.

Bharat Reshma offers a wide range of Nehru jackets styles for men to wear in weddings designed by our specialist designers. In case you find yourself in some difficult situation and confusion with the numerous choice offered by us, feel free to contact at our WhatsApp number or can directly visit our store.

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