7 Stylish Kurta Pyjamas for Men’s to Wear

Kurta Pajama set is not just comfortable but also stylish, trendy and easy to wear attire for men. It is one of those versatile dresses that is suitable for festivals as well as for cultural events. In this article we are going to know 7 Stylish Kurta Pyjamas for Men’s to Wear.

You can pair Kurta with various types of bottom wear such as Jodhpuri Pants, Dhoti Pants, Harem Pants, Aligarh-Pajamas, Straight-cut-Pajamas, Patiala-type-Pajamas aur denims.

All you need to select the colour and fabric of the bottom wear carefully by taking into consideration the pattern of the Kurta.

7 Stylish Kurta Pyjamas for Men’s to Wear

Patterns Of the Kurta

There are mainly three patterns of Kurta:

Short Kurta – In this pattern, the length of the kurta is till you are waist, most suitable for festive and casual occasion.

Long Kurta – In this pattern of kurta, the length of kurta is till your thighs. It is perfect for religious events, wedding or family get together.

Without Collar Pattern – This pattern is an Indo western design of waist length kurta, a without collar design. It is most popular, considered as trendy among the young generation.

Explore Bharat Reshma superb and awesome collection of flamboyant kurtas in various fabric, patterns and shades possible right from bright, vibrant colour to pastels.

In this section you will find the various special type of kurtas which are prepared at Bharat Reshma and categorised a high sale volume items:


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Silk Kurta is the most suitable for semi formal Indian occasion as Mehndi, Puja, Sangeet and similar celebrations; where as a raw Silk Kurta in dark shades is perfect for weddings and other cultural events.

If you want to add uniqueness to your simple and plain kurta

; accessorize it with fancy buttons or shawl in same colour can further enhance the look.

At Bharat Reshma, we have Kurtas in various pattern made up of plain silk and raw silk fabric with several attractive colours like blue, teal green, deep yellow, royal blue, and many more.


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Khadi Kurta is a traditional type straight cut pure Khadi plain kurta, without any embroidery for print. These are available in two variants; full sleeves and half sleeves also known as Modi Kurta. This purely casual wear Kurta is available in white, off white, light orange and several regular colours at Bharat Reshma. You can pair it with straight cut pyjamas or dhoti pant for a simple yet stylish look.


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These kurtas are stylish, elegant and most suitable for casual wear occasion and events such as puja or mehndi ceremony.

At Bharat Reshma, these Kurtas are available with floral prints and geometric prints in array of shades such as lemon-yellow, midnight blue, rust, mint green, peach, maroon and gold.

For a simple yet trendy look, pair it with beige or any light-coloured churidar, patiala-type pajamas or straight-cut pajamas.


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This set of outfit is mostly chosen to be worn as festival or wedding attire. It is mostly preferred by youngsters as it has a jacket in contrasting colour over-the-top.

At Bharat Reshma; you can choose from various trendy shades as grey kurta with black embroidered jacket or teal green kurta with light green embroidered jacket and many more.

For obtaining a brilliant look it can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, churidars, Aligarh pyjamas, Patiala style pyjamas, dhoti pants or straight cut pyjamas.

You can further smarten your look with a pocket square in contrasting colour.


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A perfect for marriage, reception and similar ceremonies, it is Silk fabric Kurta with Jaal work and mirror work on collar and neckline.

You can highlight the entire outfit by accessorizing it with fancy show buttons.

For an elegant and stylish to pair it with Patiala style pajamas, jodhpuri pants, harem pants, churidar or dhoti pants. Pick your favourite from Bharat Reshma splendid collection in several vibrant colour such as olive green, gold, cream, mustard yellow and many more/


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It is one of the most stylish and popular Kurta that can be worn on all former occasions as well as casual occasion. This Kurta with front button and stand-up collar can give you sophisticated yet masculine look. It can be teamed with churidar, Patiala style Pajama, Aligarh Pajama or Jodhpuri pants. Do not restrict yourself to just Pajamas, experiment your kurta with jeans for a trendy and stylish look.

Check Bharat Reshma collection for Pakistani Kurta in several fantastic side suggest navy blue, black, white and off white, brown etc.


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It is a lightweight, comfortable and breathable fabric. Linen kurta absorbs perspiration quickly so perfect for humid weather. Linen crumples easily and shrink after wash but provide extreme comfort to the wearer. So linen kurta never go out of style. This outfit is perfect for daily wear and also it is worth wearing for simple casual events.

At Bharat Reshma, Linen Kurtas are available in several shades of white, Brown, and many regular colours. These can be paired with straight cut Pajama, churidar and Dhoti Pants.

Select from our wide collection of well-tailored as well fitted Kurta sets purposely designed to make you look extremely presentable. Moreover, you won’t need too many accessories to highlight outfit. so, impress everyone around you with your fashion sense and style.

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