Different Traditional Ethnic Wear for Men in India

Indian ethnic wear includes dresses that symbolize our rich culture and heritage owing to its widespread popularity throughout the Indian Subcontinent, most men prefer to wear Indian ethnic wear on formal occasions such as wedding, reception, festival or religious ceremonies. There are wide ranges of formal/casual ethnic wear for different occasions and ceremonies in India. We, Bharat and Reshma present the most trending Indian ethnic wear for men.

4 Popular Indian Traditional Clothing for Men’s

(1) Kurta

A traditional kurta is most popular, comfortable and essential component of ethnic wear for men. It is one of those versatile dresses that is suitable for formal as well as casual events. Nowadays, instead of plain kurta men prefer to wear Indo-Western Kurta with asymmetric / cowl hemline, collar and sleeves to look fashionable and traditional at the same time. According to occasion, kurta can be paired with various types of bottom wear such as straight-cut pajamas, churidar, Dhoti Pants, Aligarh Pajamas, Patiala types Pajamas or Jeans. At Bharat & Reshma Indowestern kurtas are available in several exclusive patterns such as Double Button Pattern Kurta, Cuts and Flaps Kurta, Belt and Drape Kurta, Pintex and Zips Kurta, Full Kalidar Pattern Designer Kurta and many more. Adding plain or embroidery jacket to kurta set is another preferred option for those men looking fo0r a formal and stylish look. You can add matching accessories such as fancy show buttons, bracelet, chain, kolhapuri footwear etc. to make the outfit look classier.

(2) Sherwani

Sherwani is considered one of the most elegant and stylish ethnic wear for men. It has become a popular outfit for groom/groom’s men during wedding ceremonies and related functions such as engagement parties, Sangeet or reception parties. Sherwani is worth with close-fitting churidar or Dhoti pants in matching/contrasting colour. It can be accessorized with sofa, turban, pocket square, pocket chain, vintage brooch and start button etc. For obtaining a classic royal look Sherwani is worth with matching embroidered Mojris. Bharat and Reshma offer a wide range of designers sherwani’s including Nakshi Embroidery Sherwani, Jaguar Silk Sherwani, Intericate Raw Silk Sherwani, Intericate Dabka Silk Sherwani, Cutdana and Resham work Sherwani, Resham Embroidery Sherwani  etc.

(3) Achkan Sherwani

As compared to Classis Sherwani, Achkan sherwani is bit shorter in length and less flared from waist till bottom. It exudes a narrower and tighter appearance to the wearer therefore it is mostly preferred by youngsters for obtaining a slimmer and taller look. Wedding, reception, mehndi, sangeet or family get together and other similar celebrations are best occasions to wear Achkan Sherwani. For obtaining an ethnically fashionable look, Achkan Sherwani is mostly worn with churidar, Dhoti Pants and accessorized with hand-embroidered Juti’s. Bharat and Reshma is considered as one of the best clothing stores for buying Achkan Sherwani in supreme quality fabric and with sophisticated embroidery work.

(4) Jodhpuri Suit/Bandhgala

Amidst all ethnic outfits Jodhpuri Suit/Bandhgala is considered the most elegant traditional formal wear available for men in India. Jodhpuri Suit/Bandhgala is a perfect mix of Indian cultural richness and western elegance which makes it a most opted traditional outfit for men. It is undoubtedly a symbol of unparalleled elegance and class. It is most suitable for occasions such as formal gatherings, anniversary celebrations weddings and related functions. Jodhpuri suit/Bandhgala can be accessorized with Brooch, Pocket chain, Pocket square, Safa, Kilangi etc. Pairing it with polished leather shoes for formal occasions and with a pair of embroidered mojris for casual event can make you look even more appealing. From Bharat and Reshma, you can not only obtain beautifully crafted Jodhpuri Suit/ Bandhgala with exclusive hand embroidery work but also all matching accessories.


Experience Jodhpuri suits with Bharat Reshma

Indian men prefer to wear ethnic or Indo western outfit rather than opting for completely western dress on special occasions. Being a crucial part of Indian ethnic wear, Jodhpuri suits are finest example of Indo western wear for men. Jodhpuri suits are one-of-a kind formal Indian wear for men that uses traditional style of clothing with western cuts. Therefore, Jodhpuri suits have turned into a perfect wedding outfit. You should experience Jodhpuri suits from Bharat Reshma at least once in your lifetime and here’s why?

Jodhpuri suits have a perfect mix of Indian taste along with a blend of western touch which makes them most promising choice for men. These have gained popularity as a fusion wear in recent times. Jodhpuri suits are so royal and stylish that you cannot go unnoticed in a wedding ceremony or any other cultural event. It is one of those classy, timeless attire that can be worn for any kind of formal or ethnic occasions. These are definitely a symbol of unparalleled elegance and class. It has become quite popular outfit for groom and groomsmen during wedding ceremony and related functions like engagement parties, sangeet or reception parties.  

Jodhpuri suits are undoubtedly the modern trendsetter worn by men for formal occasions, get-together parties and cultural events. The sophistication and timeless class of Jodhpuri suits turn them apart from other modern or traditional attire. Jodhpuri suits have taken over a large share of wedding wear market and the demand is well supplied as most of the Indian designers regularly featured Jodhpuri suit for men in their wedding collection.

Bharat Reshma is renowned fashion brand that bring well fitted, durable and high quality Jodhpuri suits. In terms of fabric used they have a wide variety of Jodhpuri suits crafted from comfortable breathable fabrics such as Art Silk, Satin, Terry-cotton, Poly-cotton, Jute-cotton, Linen, Brocade etc.  in varied patterns and prints. Jodhpuri suits are extremely popular on Indian fashion runway and also huge hit with Bollywood celebrities on red carpet. Now a days instead of plain Jodhpuri suit, most youngster opt for Jodhpuri suits having asymmetric or cowl hemlines, sequined collar or with subtle embroidery work etc. One can easily explore the modern style of Jodhpuri suits from Bharat Reshma collection. Men across the globe preferred Jodhpuri suit for obtaining a royal and dashing look. As a result, Jodhpuri suit specially one from Bharat Reshma is undoubtedly a current trendsetter.


Best Ethnic Wear Guide for Men’s

Bharat Reshma presents the best ethnic wear guide for men to keep you up to date with all the latest trends in men’s clothing world. When it comes to special occasions like wedding, religious events or formal occasions such as reception ceremonies or family get together etc, ethnic wear is the best choice for any Indian men.

Different types of Men’s ethnic wear for different occasions

  1. KURTA Kurta is the first thing that comes in mind when we talk about men’s ethnic wear. It is extremely versatile and comfortable ethnic wear. Kurta come in variety of patterns, lengths, fabric and styles. At Bharat Reshma kurtas are available in several exclusive patterns such as DOUBLE BUTTON PATTERN, CUTS AND FLAP PATTERN, THREAD AND SEQUENCE PATTERN, FULL KALIDAR PATTERN KURTA. Kurta can be paired with pyjamas, jeans, skinny trousers, churidars and dhoti pants.
  • SHERWANI Whether it is wedding a family function coming up, sherwani are all time favourite for men. Sherwani is one of the most glorified ethnic wears in men’s clothing. It can be teamed with Patiala pants, churidars and dhoti pants. Some of the finest sherwani are PESHAWARI, ACHKAN, JODHPURI, INDO-WESTERN, ANARKALI, CHIPKAN, ANGRAKHA AND PRINTED MODERN.

Bharat Reshma is renowned and reliable place for buying sherwani. Their latest collection includes NAKSHI EMBROIDERY SHERWANI, INTERICATE RAW SILK SHERWANI, JACQUARD SILK SHERWANI, INTERICATE DABKA SILK SHERWANI, CUTDANA AND RESHAM WORK SHERWANI, RESHAM AND DABKA WORK SILK SHERWANI, RESHAM EMBROIDERY SHERWANI, ZARI AND CUTDANA EMBROIDERY SHERWANI. Sherwani can be accessorized with dupatta, Kilangi, Safa, Mala and jooties. At Bharat Reshma, you select matching accessories from their vast collection of accessories.

  • JODHPURI SUIT OR BANDGALA SUIT It is more stylish and popular ethnic wear. Jodhpuri suit or Bandgala suit can be worn at various functions, be it ceremonial occasions like weddings and festivals or formal occasions such as reception ceremonies or family get-together. Bandgala suit can be accessorized with brooch, pocket square, Turban and Kilangi etc. From Bharat Reshma, you can not only obtain beautifully crafted Bandgala suits with exclusive hand embroidery-work, but also all matching accessories.
  • INDO WESTERN WEAR Indo Western dresses are a perfect mix of Indian richness and western elegance. It is most preferable choice among youngsters. Indo Western dresses are suitable for wearing at weddings, festivals and other former occasions. Bharat Reshma is a trusted brand with most exclusive collection of Indo-Western dresses. These are JODHPURI INDO-WESTERN SUIT or BANDGALA SUITS with asymmetric Hem, ANGRAKHA STYLE INDO WESTERN, BANDGALA BLAZER/NEHRU JACKET, INDO WESTERN KURTA IS ASYMMETRICAL CUT AND STYLISH SLEEVES, INDO-WESTERN ACHKAN, DRAP PATTERN INDO-WESTERN, DESIGNER EMBROIDERED INDO-WESTERN, HIGHLIGHTED EMBROIDERY INDO-WESTERN, ZARI EMBROIDERY INDO-WESTERN, hand work and cut Indo-Western, and many more.

It is important to wear ethnic wear according to occasions. For bigger occasions like wedding etc sherwanis, Jodhpuri kurta and Nehru jackets work well. For smaller location like Puja or a small religious event, Pathani suits, dhoti pants, and cotton kurta are most suitable. Similarly, rich and bulky fabric like Silk is most suitable for bigger occasions and lighter fabric such as cotton and terry cotton and are ideal for smaller events.


Guide to Buy Bandgala Suit for Men’s

A Bandgala suit or Jodhpuri suit is among the most stylish and popular ethnic clothing. A crucial part of Indian ethnic wear, Bandgala suit is a perfect example of Indo western wear for men.

Jodhpuri Bandgala suits have been all time favourite of Industrialist, bureaucrats, politicians, Bollywood celebrities, Indian ambassadors and diplomats for wearing during festive and formal events.

This suit comprises of trouser and a coat style jacket with mandarin collar and long sleeves. Both pieces of bandgala suits can be worn separately also.

Bandgala suit can be worn at varies functions be it ceremonial occasion like weddings and festivals or formal occasions such as reception or family get together. It can be accessorised with a vintage brooch or a classic pocket square or turban with a kilangi.

Bandgala suits have become usually popular in recent times. Not only grooms but even the man who attend various functions of the occasion prefer to wear various type of Bandgala suits.  Instead of plain Bandgala suits young men opt for Bandgala with asymmetric and cowl hemlines with sequinned collar or with embroideries motif and mirror work etc.

For a distinguished and sophisticated look, Bandgala suits are paired with polished leather shoes for formal occasion and with a pair of hand embroidered mojaris, textured or tan footwear for casual event.

Keeping in mind the current trend, we at Bharat Reshma present exclusively designed, beautifully crafted and preciously fitted Jodhpuri Bandgala suit collection. Unlike mass-produced suits, we work on each piece from cutting fabric by hand tailoring to hand embroidery work.

Select your favourite Jodhpuri Bandgala suit available in massive range of durable fabrics, flawless patterns also with exquisite hand embroidery and that to at an unbeatable price.

Fabric used – Poly wool, linen silk, cotton silk, matka silk, poly viscose, velvet, corduroy jacquard.

Patterns available – Plane short, modern fit asymmetrical, sequinned, side buttoned with black thread embroidery, with floral motifs, with floral prints, with geometric print, with zardosi work and mirror work.

Colours available – Black, olive, ivory, peach, off white, grey, wine, pastel shades of blue, orange and brown.

At Bharat Reshma we believe in customer satisfaction and making as a one-stop destination for not only Jodhpuri Bandgala suit but for head-to-toe look.

Browse through a diverse Jodhpuri Bandgala suits collection at Bharat Reshma. Do not miss on the accessories, add matching footwear, brooch, pocket square, turban and kilangi in your cart.

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