10 points to know for best men’s outfits

Men’s outfits such as western suits, Tuxedo suits or Jodhpuri suits are perfect for weddings, business meeting, festivals and formal ceremonies. By taking following factors into consideration, you can make sure that you are always best dressed for the occasion. Here we cover 10 points to know for best men’s outfits.

  1. Typically, Jodhpuri suits with detailed intricate embroidery or embellishment work are worn by grooms. Nowadays it is common to find youngsters wearing Jodhpuri suits at formal occasions but if you are planning to be at a typical Catholics ceremony a plain formal suit or tuxedo should be the most suitable choice.
  • Traditional colours in suits and Jodhpuri suits for men include tan, beige, honey, gold and cream which subtle shimmering gold or silver designs. Formal western suits and Jodhpuri suits in single tone of black, brown, grey and white are preferred for office events for formal events. The most preferred colour for Wedding Suit/Tuxedo is midnight blue.
  • Several heavy fabrics like thickly woven silk, brocade, satin and velvet are preferred for formal occasions. Bharat Reshma is my reliable destination for formal suits, Tuxedo and Jodhpuri suits available in premium quality fabric and array of colours.
  • Plain or subtle embroidered Jodhpuri suits and Tuxedo suits are perfect for formal events. At Bharata Reshma Tuxedos are available in various patterns/design such as fur lapelled, velvet lapelled and sequin lapelled etc.
  • Jodhpuri suits are worn with close fitting churidar or dhoti pants in matching colour. There is even a upcoming trend to pair it with contrasting trousers. Flat front pants or cut slim pants are worn with suits and tuxedo suits for all formal occasions.
  • Suits, Tuxedos and Jodhpuri suits can be single breasted or double breasted. A Double-breasted suit, Tuxedo or Jodhpuri suit is considered more formal than single breasted suit, Tuxedo or Jodhpuri suit.
  • A silk fabric suit, Tuxedo or Jodhpuri suit is most suitable for occasions such as formal gathering, job interview or wedding etc. The linen fabric suit is perfect for breezy summer months whereas woollen fabric suits seem to be slightly bulky in appearance but woollen is a versatile fabric. It is most suitable for both mid-day heat or colder evenings. Bharat Reshma offers an extensive collection of suits, Tuxedos, Jodhpuri suits at a competitive market price.
  • Suits can be worn with a variety of button-up-dress shirts in solid colours or patterns. Tuxedos are worn with solid white button-up-dress shirt.  Suit shirts can be worn with ties, bowties in numerous colours. Tuxedos Shirts are worn with bowties in black or white colour only. Jodhpuri suits are worn over a simple shirt aur kurta that is typically not visible.
  • Most Jodhpuri suits come without embellishments but can be accessorize with Safa, Turban, pocket square, pocket chain, vintage brooch and embellished buttons etc.  Tuxedo shirts can be accessorized with button-studs only whereas cufflinks are always considered to be a good choice for suits. Tuxedo should never be worn with belt but you can wear matching belt with suits. A dark coloured Jodhpuri suit can be accessorized with a well ironed pocket square in contrasting colour. Suit can be accessorized with a well ironed pocket square in contrasting colour.

  • Suits are worn with leather shoes or boots for formal occasions and with metallic or designer shoes for semi-formal occasions. Tuxedos are meant to be worn with Tuxedo (patent leather) shoes only. For a distinguished and sophisticated look Jodhpuri suits are paired with polished leather shoes for formal occasions and with a pair of hand embroidered mojaris, textured or tan foot wear for semi formal events. Along with suits, Tuxedos and Jodhpuri suits, Bharat Reshma offers a wide range of matching accessories. one can easily explore the modern styles of formal suits, tuxedos suits and Jodhpuri suits in premium quality at Bharat Reshma. We have covered 10 points to know for best men’s outfits.


6 Stunning Accessories That Are A Must Have For Any Groom

You might have chosen the perfect wedding attire and is finally ready with your perfect groom look. However, you can enhance your look even more with the some stunning accessories that are a must have for any groom.


Turbans are long colourful fabric used as a head dress for men whereas Safas are a shorter and broader colourful piece of fabric with more embellishment and small fan like pellets stitched on the top of it. Check our collection of readymade Turbans and Safas with an array of colours and designs. To check the price range for turbans and Safas click here.


It is a narrow long piece of cloth with tassels. These can be paired with sherwanis, kurtas and Jodhpuri suits. Available in fabrics like Silk, khadi Dupion, we have a huge collection of stoles in various attractive colours like cream, red, ivory, pink, off white, maroon, black with borders in silver, gold and other shades.


Kalangi is an accessory that is worn on the Turban. It is primarily made up of metal and embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones, beads and feathers. Bharat Reshma offer a wide design of kalangi with a wide price range to suit to your taste. You can check for our latest collection of Kalangi available on our stores as well as online.


It is a clean nicely folded piece of fabric in Satin Silk or cotton fabric kept in the jacket or Bandgala breast pocket for wedding or any such occasions. It provides the formal wear, a dignified look. Explore Bharat Reshma collection of pocket square with wide range of colours and designs to match your outfit. The price range of pocket square highly variable and change from one piece to another. To check our prices online or visit our website.


It is a pin-like accessory generally made up of precious and semi-precious gems meant to be placed on the lapel of your coat or sherwani. It looks best when worn with sherwanis, plain Nehru jackets, Bandgala or Jodhpuri suits. You can find variety of elaborately decorated brooches in geometric and floral designs from our latest collections. For the price of brooch, check it for the one selected by you.


It is another pin like accessory that is meant to be placed on cuffs of shirts, blazers or jackets. Generally, it is made up of metal and crystal. It can be worn with suits, sherwanis, Bandgala and blazers. Browse through our latest collection of cufflinks in various shapes and pattern at best price offered by Bharat Reshma.