Points to consider before buying Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jackets are indispensable parts of Men’s fashion and Indian-ethnic wear. Nehru jacket are mandarin collared vest jackets that can make you appeal formal, elegant and stylish. In this article we will cover the points to consider before buying a Nehru Jacket.

The elegant and simple construction of the Nehru jacket can transform any simple outfit into opulent one and provide you a classic and contemporary look.

Nehru jackets have been all time favourite of politicians, Bollywood celebrities, bikers, college students, professionals for everyday wear. These are a perfect fit for almost all occasions, formal, semi formal or casual. It can be paired with Jodhpuri pants, kurta pajamas, trousers, tweed-pants, chinos or jeans.

Style Tips For Wearing Nehru Jackets

Nehru jackets with flapless pockets can even down your appearance. These exude a narrower and tighter appearance by concealing bear belly which is very much common in middle-aged men.

Plain Nehru jacket give more formal look as compared to printed Nehru jackets.

Trending Styles of Nehru Jacket Across the Globe

The following are various styles of Nehru jacket which are most popular among fashion conscious men.

Slim Fit Style – This type of Nehru jacket for men gives you a stylish form-fitting style that is narrow at the chest and waist. It is most suitable for ceremonial occasions such as weddings, festivals, receptions and get together parties.

Full Sleeves Style Full sleeves Nehru jacket is most suitable for well-built athletic person. The length of the sleeves is till the end of your fingers. It is a perfect choice for the occasions – formal and casual.

Sleeveless Style – This one is the most popular version of Nehru jacket without sleeves. It delivers a tight and sophisticated look to the wearer. It is suitable for all the occasions – formal and casual. At Bharat Reshma you find sleeveless Nehru jacket in many popular and attractive colours.

Double Breasted Style – This type of Nehru jacket includes additional buttons on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purpose. As a result of extra buttons, the attention of viewer drifts from the seam towards the sites to create the illusion of a wider frame. This type of Nehru jacket too is suitable for all the occasions.

At the Bharat Reshma you can find the top collection of plain and printed Nehru jacket in massive range of patterns, fabrics and shades.

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