Points to consider before buying Tuxedo suits

When it comes to deciding between suits versus a tuxedo as a groom or as a wedding guest, it is important to know the difference between these two and also when it is appropriate to wear each ensemble. Points to consider before buying designer tuxedo or suit is covered in this article.


  • Both tuxedo and suits are made up of a combination of a jacket and dress pants of same colour and fabric but tuxedos are considered more formal garments than suits.
  • Tuxedos are reserved for evening dress for formal occasions and supposed to be worn only in the evening wear whereas suits can be worn at any time of the day.
  • There are three suit lapel types –
    • Notch lapel is considered casual
    • Peak lapel is considered semi formal
    • Shawl level is considered completely formal

Suit lapel is made from the same fabric as the jacket either in a notch and peaked style. Tuxedo features peak lapel or a shawl lapel made up of either satin or silk.

  • Unlike suit pants, tuxedos-pants features a satin silk strip down the side of the leg that matches jacket lapels.
  • Tuxedos and suits both can be single breasted or double breasted. A double-breasted tuxedos or suits is considered more formal as compared to single breasted tuxedo or suit.
  • A three-button single breasted tuxedo or suit is most suitable for taller person. It further enhances the overall appearance of the wearer.
  • A single breasted two button tuxedo or suit is best for short statured person. It can deliver a slender look to the wearer.
  • Double breasted tuxedo or suit includes additional button on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purpose, ideal for a bulky or muscular person. It can be delivering a well-proportioned trim look to the wearer.
  • Suits can be worn with a variety of button-up shirt in a solid colour or pattern. Tuxedos are worn only with the solid white button up shirt.
  • Suit shirt can be worn with the ties, bowties in numerous colours. Tuxedos are to be worn with bowties in black and white colours only.
  • Tuxedo have satin covered buttons only whereas suits usually have plastic, bone or same fabric-coloured buttons.
  • Slim-fit tuxedos or suits along with slim pants are perfect for those with slimmer physique. It gives tidy look up to the torso section of your body, so an absolute choice for casual events.
  • Classic fit tuxedos or suits along with regular fit pants are suitable for those who have larger built than average. It is the most appropriate for formal occasions.
  • Modern fit tuxedos or suits along with flat front pants are midway option between slim fit and classic fit tuxedos or suits. This style is perfect for any occasion formal or casual event.
  • Suits can be made from fabric in any colour texture of pattern. Plain fabric suits are considered more formal as compared to printed fabric suits. Classic tuxedos are prepared with black or midnight blue fabric only. But in modern times various other colours such as blue, grey and beige are also in trend.
  • Suits are worn with leather dress shoes or boots for formal occasions; and with metallic or designer shoes for casual occasions. Tuxedos are meant to be worn with tuxedo shoes (pattern leather) only.

Once you make your decision between tuxedo or suits, you will be required to find one that fits your body.

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