Indian Men’s Outfits for Weddings in Summer 2022

Indian ethnic wear is considered as most prominent clothing which can be worn on all religious occasions, wedding and related functions. As a result of increasing global popularity for Indian ethnic wear, Indian grooms prefer to wear Indian ethnic wear with confidence and pride. During hot and humid summer months there are limited options available for men to choose from, leading them to take the easy path of wearing a dress that is too common. Here, we at Bharat Reshma present few ideas to help you look stunning and comfortable even in summer season functions.

Four possible perfect wedding outfit ideas for an Indian wedding:


Achkan sherwani stand as one of the most popular wedding attires for men. Achkan sherwani is a knee length long sleeve jacket which is tapered on waist line for providing a slimmer look to the wearer. It is mainly made from lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen, polyester and viscose etc. Therefore, it is most suitable for summer season. It can be plain, pattern or embroidered. Achkan sherwani is such an elegant and comfortable at attire that it never goes out of fashion. As a result of its timeless qualities, Achkan sherwani’s have evolved as one of the most opted wedding outfits for men.  It can be paired with contrasting colour churidar or dhoti pants and accessorise with a colourful pocket square, brooch and pearl necklace etc. Floral or Polka dotted pocket square are in latest and that can add charming effect to the overall outfit. You can further enhance the look by wearing plain or embroidered jutties. Bharat Reshma is a reliable place for buying Achkan sherwanis with exclusive hand embroidery work and all matching accessories.


It is also a popular type of sherwani which perfectly fits on the upper body and mostly preferred by youth with a well-maintained gym body. Anghrakha sherwani is a huge craze amongst the men with a well-structured physique. It highlights shape of the wearer thus it is most suitable for obtaining a slimmer look. Anghrakha sherwani can be paired with contrasting / matching colour churidar, pyjama or Dhoti Pants. It is equally important to make sure that your shoes go well with your dress. For adding extra elegance to your outfit, you can drape stole made from light fabric. This look is most suitable for summer night pre- wedding and post-wedding functions.

From Bharat Reshma you can not only obtain beautifully crafted Anghrakha sherwanis but also matching accessories such as Turban, Safa, Kilangi, Pocket square and Brooch write pair of footwear.


Jodhpuri sherwani is considered as an essential part of modern Indian men’s wardrobe. It is undoubtedly the best wedding attire available for men.

Grooms prefer to wear Jodhpuri Sherwani both stylish and matching. It can be paired it can be paired with matching churidar or Jodhpuri pants.  Jodhpuri sherwani can be easily accessorized with Pearl – Layered Neck, metallic Stud – buttons, pocket square, pocket chain, safa and kilangi. For obtaining an extraordinary look Bharat and Reshma and over Jodhpuri Sherwani in polyester cotton line and viscose fabric and several please and colours such as plumber Galli olive green burnt orange mustard and many more States.


This type of sherwani has made its way to Indian weddings. Nowadays modern Indo western sherwani is in huge demand among groom and groomsmen. It is a latest sherwani style with asymmetric / cowl hemline, collar and sleeves. A Modern Indo western sherwani with contrasting coloured churidar or Dhoti Pants in silk fabric can add an extra charm to your look. It looks best when worn with a pair of matching Jutis and accessorized with gold colour Buttons, Cufflinks, Brooch, Pocket chain also Turban in contrasting colour can take your outfit to whole new level. Bharat Reshma is a renowned brand that brings well-fitted high quality Modern Indo western sherwanis crafted from breathable fabrics such as Art Silk, Terry cotton, Poly cotton, Jute cotton, Linen, Brocade etc, in various patterns and prints.


6 Stunning Accessories That Are A Must Have For Any Groom

You might have chosen the perfect wedding attire and is finally ready with your perfect groom look. However, you can enhance your look even more with the some stunning accessories that are a must have for any groom.


Turbans are long colourful fabric used as a head dress for men whereas Safas are a shorter and broader colourful piece of fabric with more embellishment and small fan like pellets stitched on the top of it. Check our collection of readymade Turbans and Safas with an array of colours and designs. To check the price range for turbans and Safas click here.


It is a narrow long piece of cloth with tassels. These can be paired with sherwanis, kurtas and Jodhpuri suits. Available in fabrics like Silk, khadi Dupion, we have a huge collection of stoles in various attractive colours like cream, red, ivory, pink, off white, maroon, black with borders in silver, gold and other shades.


Kalangi is an accessory that is worn on the Turban. It is primarily made up of metal and embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones, beads and feathers. Bharat Reshma offer a wide design of kalangi with a wide price range to suit to your taste. You can check for our latest collection of Kalangi available on our stores as well as online.


It is a clean nicely folded piece of fabric in Satin Silk or cotton fabric kept in the jacket or Bandgala breast pocket for wedding or any such occasions. It provides the formal wear, a dignified look. Explore Bharat Reshma collection of pocket square with wide range of colours and designs to match your outfit. The price range of pocket square highly variable and change from one piece to another. To check our prices online or visit our website.


It is a pin-like accessory generally made up of precious and semi-precious gems meant to be placed on the lapel of your coat or sherwani. It looks best when worn with sherwanis, plain Nehru jackets, Bandgala or Jodhpuri suits. You can find variety of elaborately decorated brooches in geometric and floral designs from our latest collections. For the price of brooch, check it for the one selected by you.


It is another pin like accessory that is meant to be placed on cuffs of shirts, blazers or jackets. Generally, it is made up of metal and crystal. It can be worn with suits, sherwanis, Bandgala and blazers. Browse through our latest collection of cufflinks in various shapes and pattern at best price offered by Bharat Reshma.